Another Peek...

Ladies! This one's for you. If you can't take a stroll downtown, take a scroll instead ;) 

Above: How fun are these beachy accessories?! These round towels are a must-have for the beach (they're 1.5 wide!) so they're perfect for lounging with a group! Don't forget that sun protection! Ale by Alessandra's hats are sure to do the trick (plus sunscreen of course). 

Lots of summery goodies. We love Chaser's graphic tanks - Tacos are my life! Brunch Squad?! - what's not to love? They speak our language. 

We've got everything from denim, printed pants, silky culottes, graphic tees, sleek camisoles, off shoulder blouses, lightweight sweaters, easy-peasy jumpsuits, and summery dresses. 

We also have fun beach bags & hats!

Our summer motto ;)